Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New items listed in the Etsy Store

Yes folks, you read that right.. Brand new items listed in the Etsy store today.. Some gorgeous knitted and crocheted items for your delight.. nice funky scarves to wrap up warm in.. Just the thing you need when its chilly out. So go on over and grab yourself something special before its all gone.. find my shop here:

Ananassa Multimedia Shop 


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Being busy and not being well...

Hi folks, Just to let you know I've been a bit busy during November... I've had a few gigs with the acoustic duo I'm a part of, which has kept me out of mischief, but has meant I've had to lay off the more creative side, however, its good to be in demand and to be able to bring something that people want, which is why I decided to combine my work all into one business.. That way I have the freedom to choose to work on what I need to, within the demands of my clientele. I picked up an order for 4 crochet hats, which are now with their new owner, and was able to work on these while I've been "under the weather".. with a little Winter virus. So I've been snuffling and coughing while crocheting... Beats sitting there feeling sorry for myself. So, yes, did a few gigs, had to cancel a couple, due to the sniffles, but am still able to do other things, which is what being in business is all about, adaptability... I also have a request for some funky brooches.. which I'll get made and photograph to show you all.. I look at being ill as a time when I can reflect on what I've done when I've been well, to garner knowledge and information and work on niggling little jobs like updating my admin.. I look to what I can do, rather than what I can't.. Hopefully this nasty little bug will be on its way soon and I can sing again too. So what's in the pipeling (just making a note for myself).. 1)Finishing off the first Rain CD (see http://www.rainacousticduo.blogspot.com for details of how that and the gigs are coming along 2)Making "stuff"... always making something (currently some fingerless mitts from the left over alapaca which was dyed with food colouring) 3)Getting on top of my monthly accounts.. which is straightforward enough. 4)Keeping calm amidst the chaos. Until next time... au revoir!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

First item in my Etsy shop sold!!!!

I've had some of my items on Etsy for a little while and I've made my first sale!!!!!
I'm so pleased.. so what's sold??

What I sold

Anyway, I realise that to some its not a big deal, but to me its a big first step.. :-)

So anyway, check out my shop, see if there's anything you like, or if there's something that I could make for you.. and get in touch :-)

Smiles all round here :-)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Equipment!!!

Oh, its all good and exciting here, a huge parcel arrived by courier this morning!

It sort of resembled a flattened table.. but it wasn't that heavy, so I was intrigued. I peeled open the packaging and there it was.. My new spinning wheel!!

I say "new".. its in fact second hand, all nicely taken apart and flattened for posting. I bagged a real bargain, with new wheels coming in at near on £400-£500.. this came in at under £300... along with a lazy kate, 5 bobbins, a "jumbo" flyer, a bag of sheep fleece and a nice book "Exploring Colour and Design for Handweavers"... I reckon it was a bargain. Considering a new jumbo flyer is £70 on its own, and each large bobbin (of which there are 3) costs around £12 each (so that's £36).. it all starts to add up..so lets just say I'm rather chuffed.
The sheep fleece that came with it is unidentified, but it has a nice long staple.. however is obviously a bit old and manky.. so its soaking in some nice hottish soapy water.. well, its on its second wash now.. and the water's not brown anymore.. so we're heading in the right direction.

Then while I was at work (my other job), the post pan tried to deliver another parcel.. this is hopefully my drum carder, which is going to make processing fleeces that much easier.. instead of hand carding, which is great and has its place (like in front of the TV).. means I'm not limited to tiny batches.. but can make huge batts ready for spinning and it allows me to get creative with what I add to the batt...

You may be wondering how I'm paying for this.. well, I received some funding (which I have to pay back.. but that's cool).. its enough to get things up and running and and me busy for, well, ages..

So now to track down my neighbour to see if it really is the drum carder...

Monday, 14 October 2013

ITS ALIVE!!!!! The shop has gone LIVE!!!

Yes that's right folks. I have begun listing in the Etsy shop, which can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Ananassa?ref=shop_sugg

Just click on the link and you'll get right to it.

I know there's not a great deal on there yet.. Be patient, it'll all be listed soon enough, so come back and keep checking!!! There'll be plenty for everyone.. Oh and if you fancy having something custom made, don't be afraid to ask. I'm sure I can make it for you.

Anyhoo.. here we go!!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Going Live!!

I know I've not spread word about this yet.. But Ananassa Multimedia has now "gone live"... Which means these pages will soon fill up with lovely items to purchase and details of what AM incorporates will be made more apparent.

I already have customer orders coming in, which is great news and therefore means I'm getting off to a good start. Just awaiting some funding to secure some equipment and we'll be branching off into all kinds of directions and well, generally being creative.

So, keep watching and you'll be the first to see whats going on!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Here goes....

Well, here it is the first website for me as a multi-media creative artist. Its liberating for me to be doing this and working on so many creative projects. Obviously much more will be added to this site once its up and running properly and I can get to grips with how this system works. I'm undaunted in my desire to create and therefore plan to bring you an online shop and ranges of, well, just about everything I can think of from wonderfully unique "one off" skeins of yarn, to "one off" retro and vintage style items and well, all manner of loveliness.. please check out my performance links too, to see what other stuff I get up to... So if you'd like something making or want me to sing for you, then please feel free to contact me.