Monday, 13 October 2014

Its all a bit quiet here..

Hi Everyone,

Well, its all been a bit quiet on the Ananassa site for a while, this is mainly by design more than anything. Lots of behind the scenes work going on with all my different projects.. Here's a list (yawn now..)

1) Rain - Rain Acoustic Duo have been working hard on new songs and old alike, doing gigs and generally, just getting by. In fact they have a couple of side projects in the offing, but I won't tell you about them yet, as it would spoil the surprise. ;-) Check out the website, if you haven't already: Rain

2) Retro Refits - Considering a name change to that aspect of the business, but not entirely sure yet as I'm currently working on some great new/old things for this. It all takes time and the time I'm spending blogging, could be the time I'm spending making and doing..

3) Spinych - The wooly side of the business has taken a bit of a back seat recently.. I have three fleeces in the shed that need washing (they're from last year, so I'm almost too scared to pull them out!!).. and have 2 fleeces that need carding, dyeing, whatever.

4) Video filming.. well, that's technically under number 1.. have been filming a video for one of the Rain tracks, which has taken longer than expected. Oh well, such is the way of things.

5) Writing - I've started writing! I believe everyone has at least one book in them, so I've started mine. This is currently in blog form and can be found at: Natural Supernature

5) Not forgetting my most important job, that of being a mum to my two lovely girls. Its a hard act when you're a creative person when you've always got your hand into something and needing to do the daily stuff too, without which the well oiled machine would grind to a halt.

So yes, there you go, lots going on, plenty of plates spinning as per usual!


Have fun and take care of yourselves..