Tarot Readings

I have studied and read the Tarot since 1988, after a then boyfriend bought me a deck for my 18th birthday. I started out by reading for my friends and followed this by reading many books on the subject. I gave readings sporadically down the years, to work colleagues, friends and sometimes strangers and have realised that its a skill that not everyone possesses, nor desires to. Which is why I'm bringing this seemingly "new" aspect into my business.

I am keen to maintain that all I am doing is reading the information in the cards. I don't necessarily want you to tell me what's been going on, I would rather just read the cards as they stand, looking deep into the symbology and pulling out what I consider relevant information to the reading.

I use a range of spreads, to gain the information and work from there. I believe that symbols work powerfully on the subconcious mind, and this is where I draw my information. I'm not saying that I will predict your future for you, but I will use the cards as a guide to what I see are indicators of where things are going in life. Utilising them as a kind of counselling tool, if you like.

Tarot cards are not evil, they are simply a bunch of symbolic pictures. I use no magic or mystery, no ritual nor spookiness. I simply ask you to shuffle the cards thinking about your question, then lay the cards out. I don't look to you for visual clues, I just read the cards as I see them.

So, if you've got this far and would like a tarot card reading then please feel free to get in touch..Just
click HERE to find out the ways you can contact me and arrange a suitable time at your covenience.

Also available for hen parties, group bookings and events.

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